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Here at Srea Rottweilers, we admire the breed and will try to answer any question pet owners might have.
We Love Rottweilers
we admire the breed and will try to answer any question pet owners might have

We see the strength, love, loyalty, and a happy tail behind. But sadly not everyone sees Rottweilers the way we do.


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We’ve lost count of the number of people we’ve met who have raised their eyebrows to question if one has ever turned on us or why we enjoy rottweilers. While they are large, powerful animals, these sweet balls of fur are often displayed as unpredictable vicious dogs – which are far from the truth!

There are many benefits to owning a Rottweiler. While we admit – this breed isn’t for everyone. That’s because it has its own share of challenges, health requirements, large diets and training needs. This is where we come in.

At Srea Rottweilers, you will find plenty of information on this unique breed along with tons of training tips and advice. We also offer our support and aim to inspire our readers with the love of Rottweilers.

Here’s what you will find on our site:

Rottweiler Puppy Care

We will help guide you with useful tips on housebreaking, training, feeding, proper dental care, health care, and more.


Facts VS Myths

We will give you everything you need to know about this breed and address the common misconceptions of Rottweiler breeds.


Adoption & Rescue

Looking to adopt a Rottweiler? We will help you find out why it’s a great decision and how you can prepare for the adoption.

Proper Training

We will provide useful tips and articles on how to train your pup in the most positive way when it comes to potty training.